Who is Sergio Romero?

I am a Lead Senior Developer and consultant for TekSystems at the Montreal Innovation Center. I have been working in software development since 2002 for both product development and consulting companies, and in very varied industries such as financial, health, education, manufacturing, networking, and energy. I have had the good fortune to have worked for employers and costumers in Mexico, Canada and the U.S.

I am particularly passionate about clean, easily understood, maintainable and testable code and one of my life’s dreams is to see all legacy, spaghetti code disappear from the phase of the earth.


The ideas presented in this blog are absolutely and solely my own, but definitely influenced by lots of smart people out there, and in no way represent the thoughts, intentions, plans or strategies of my employer.

I welcome and encourage differences of opinions and open debate, is the best way to learn and even realize that as a human being I make mistakes and my opinions should change when I so choose. I only ask that you keep it polite and constructive, differences of ideas should not prevent us to be friends.

  1. John Richardson (Cantabrigian on Stack Overflow) says:

    Thanks Sergio. I thought the form I’d filled in would supply my (other) e-mail address, but drop me a line at:

    Yeah – if you drop me a one-liner, I’ll send you the solution I cobbled together from other posts on Stack Overflow. It’s not perfect though – I’d be interested in your comments. And having re-read your original post carefully once again, there’s still something I don’t quite grasp.

    But don’t spend any more time on this until I’ve shown you what I’ve got!

    Many thanks – and please, delete all this noise from your blog if you like. It was good of you not to mind my resorting to this mode of contact.

  2. sergeromero says:

    Hello John,

    Unfortunately I had no need for the returned instance when I asked this question in SO. You can see the use I gave to it in this entry from my blog.

    Sorry I cannot be more helpful I will try to find an answer for you, in the meantime please reply to the comment with your email address so we can communicate better.


  3. John Richardson (Cantabrigian on Stack Overflow) says:

    Sorry to approach you like this, but I’m new to Stack Overflow and haven’t got a high enough reputation to make a quick comment about your post:


    The answer you got from cdhowie is very close to what I need – but whilst calling the constructor of Foo dynamically, like this, does instantiate a new Foo, it can’t assign that instance to a variable (as MyMethod() returns and must return ‘void’ – so I can’t see how the instance can be used!

    How did you overcome this? Many thanks for any clarification.

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