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I bought my iPad in July, almost two months after it started selling in Montreal. Besides a couple of iPods I previously owned which were used exclusively to listen to music (none of them were an iPod Touch) this is the very first Apple device I have had.

For quite some time now I have been considering the posiblity of starting my own business and for several reasons I have not. Among those reasons I can list the fact that I had no idea what kind of business I would like to start. I love developing software, I really do, so the idea of doing something else was just out of the question. So why, anyone would ask, haven’t I started a software developing business? To be honest, especially with myself, I have always been afraid to take that kind of a risk.

Why is this discussion relevant to my openning statement of buying an iPad? I am sure most of you have already guessed it. After I took the plunge into the App Store and downloaded the first few apps, I was absolutely amazed by the sheer number of applications in existence to choose from. Some of them really great, some not so much. It did not take me much time to decide that I really wanted a piece of that action. Particularly since I thought that this option would not involve risking my life’s savings and I would be doing the exact activity that I love and hope to keep doing during my whole professional career.

Now, I do not know the first thing about Macs. My mother was a very successful executive at both IBM and HP, so I have owned Windows based desktops and laptops my whole life. And to top it all, I have been a Windows developer ever since I set foot in high school. My first job was developing in VB and ever since 2002 I have been developing in C#. This poses several challenges. For starters, the last time I saw a pointer was during the first half of University. I never learned C++ and I am sure that is going to be one of the biggest factors to make this learning curve quite steep, not to mention the fact that the very first challenge will be to get to know my way around a Mac.

So besides the fierce competion within the App Store, I seem to have quite a few hurdles to clear. I very well know that this is not going to be a “upload your great app, sit back, and wait for the big bucks” kind of deal. There is quite a lot of work ahead of me, both in development and eventually in promoting my future apps, but I am excited and quite optimistic. I have already downloaded a couple of Objective – C books on my shiny new iPad and in the next few days I will be getting my hands on my very first Mac computer. The next steps will be to get my brain in gear and make smoke come out of the keyboard. So like Timbuk3 said back in ’86 “The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades”.